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Our team comprises accomplished racers who have secured numerous championships, demonstrating our commitment to excellence on the track.

Welcome to STARDUST MOTORSPORTS, a premier sim racing team dedicated to excellence and camaraderie in the virtual racing world. Our team is a dynamic blend of talented sim racers, innovative designers, strategic managers, and supportive members, all united by a shared passion for racing and teamwork.

Our Mission
At STARDUST MOTORSPORTS, we strive to push the boundaries of virtual motorsport. We are committed to fostering a collaborative environment where every member can thrive, improve, and contribute to our collective success. Whether you're on the track, behind the scenes, or contributing creatively, every role is crucial to our mission of achieving racing excellence.

What We Offer
Our team provides a comprehensive support system for all our members. This includes:

Join Our Team
We are always on the lookout for passionate individuals to join our ranks. Whether you're an aspiring sim racer, an experienced driver looking to compete in leagues, a team-oriented driver for endurance races, or a creative mind for designing liveries, there's a place for you at STARDUST MOTORSPORTS.

Get Involved
To become a part of our vibrant community, visit our Team Discord. Connect with fellow enthusiasts, participate in team activities, and take the first step towards becoming a member of STARDUST MOTORSPORTS.

Our Sponsor
We are proud to have HLiveries as the official primary sponsor of STARDUST MOTORSPORTS and the Stardust Conglomerate. Their support is integral to our team's operations and success, enabling us to compete at the highest levels of sim racing.

Join us at STARDUST MOTORSPORTS, where passion meets performance and every race is a journey towards greatness.


STARDUST MOTORSPORTS is an inclusive banner for drivers who wish to compete under our name while maintaining their independence or racing with their own teams. We extend our resources and support to help you achieve your racing goals.

Our Support
By driving under the Stardust Motorsports banner, you gain access to:

Drive with Us
If you are a driver or part of a team seeking to benefit from the support and resources of STARDUST MOTORSPORTS while maintaining your independence, we welcome you. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your racing experience and performance under our banner.

Get Involved
Join our community on Discord to learn more about driving with STARDUST MOTORSPORTS and how we can assist you in your racing endeavors.

Drive with STARDUST MOTORSPORTS, where your independence meets our support, and together we race towards success.

HLiveri.es Official Sponsor of Stardust Motorsports